Tutumlu switches to the SRT Corvette


Isaac Tutumlu joins Selleslagh Racing Team and will continue the 2014 season of the GT Open with the Corvette C6ZR1 of the Belgian squad, paired with Maxime Soulet. The 28-year-old Spaniard of Kurdish ancestry started the season with the Porsche of Autorlando Sport, but has decided to take a new course for the season.

“To race with Autorlando was to feel at home. Not by accident we won the Spanish Iber GT championship last year. Unfortunately the 911 GT3 R model is less competitive now, by lack of development from Porsche. But I wish to thank everybody at Autorlando Sport for this period of my career with them”, explained Tutumlu. “With the support of Barzani Racing Team, we have reached an agreement to race the Chevrolet Corvette of Selleslagh Racing Team in the remaining events. It is a source of great pride to me driving a Chevrolet Corvette entered by SRT, a squad of great prestige. It is a winner car as proved in Germany. And teaming up with Maxime Soulet, leader of the series at the moment, it is possible to achieve victories almost from the very start. It is important to notice SRT is a factory-backed team, with support from Pratt&Miller, and it is an absolute guarantee.”

On its side, SRT has now secured the entire season. Patrick Selleslagh comments: “I’m obviously delighted with this agreement. We have two young drivers who know well the championship and the circuits. It’s a homogenous duo and as such we can quite rightly have ambitions. We intend to battle it out up front!”