Win for Ramos-Pastorelli but no 1-2 for V8 Racing


Excellent day for the V8 Racing squad in Race 2 in the Algarve, with local hero Miguel Ramos taking a third consecutive win on home soil, together with Nicky Pastorelli, his partner since last year. The other Corvette of the squad, with Archie Hamilton-Diederick Sijthoff took second but the double win was cancelled in post-race verifications, as the car was found underweight. The success of Ramos-Pastorelli was facilitated by a puncture that hit the then leading SMP Ferrari of Mavlanov in the second part of the race. Niccolò Schirò-Andrea Montermini took an heroic second overall on the Villorba Ferrari, after a close duel with the SRT Corvette of Soulet-Tutumlu, winners yesterday (with the Belgian still leading in the standings).

Superb maiden win in GTS for the AF Corse Ferrari of Michele Rugolo and Claudio Sdanewitsch (who also takes Gentlemen’s honors), after a perfect performance. Here again, SMP Racing was unlucky, as Maleev  lost first because an off-track in closing laps. Ombra Racing was again on the podium (2nd), this time with Stefano Gattuso-Mario Cordoni, with Joel Camathias-Matteo Beretta (Autorlando Porsche) taking third. Giorgio Roda (AF Corse), today 5th with Paolo Ruberti, leads in the GTS standings.

At the start, poleman Maxime Soulet takes the advantage while Pastorelli has to let Zampieri and Hamilton pass. Rugolo is fifth ahead of Jäger, Schirò, Aicart and Retera. In lap 4, Constantini and Coimbra spin. Top fight is for fifth, with Rugolo and Aicart passing Jäger. In lap 5, Pastorelli takes third from  Hamilton, who later has to concede positions to Rugolo and Aicart. Retera, who had passed Schirò for 8th, slows down with some kind of problem.

Soulet keeps leading but Zampieri is on hid tail, with Pastorelli only 3 seconds adrift, with Rugolo, Aicart , Hamilton, Jäger, Schirò, Griffin and Beretta following. The driver change window sees Pastorelli pitting in lap 18 followed by Soulet (lap 19) and Zampieri (lap 20). After all pit stops, Mavlanov leads on Sdanewitsch, Ramos, Sijthoff, Maleev, Montermini, Tutumlu and Camathias. In lap 23, Mavlanov punctures the rear left tire, while Derdaele is stopped at the end of the pit lane. In lap 25, Tutumlu passes Montermini in close duel, but the Italian retakes the advantage for a short while.  Change of leader also in GTS, with Maleev passing Sdanewitsch.  In lap 29, Campaniço spins trying to pass Plachutta.

Last couple of laps are incredibly intense, as Maleev spins in the fast right-hander giving the GTS victory to Sdanewitsch and Tutumlu has to run wide to avoid the Ferrari, with Montermini re-taking third overall. Gattuso, on his side, storms to second in GTS, after passing Camathias and Sbirrazzuoli, penalized with 5” after the race.