Double win for the SMP Racing Ferraris


It was a wonderful Sunday for the SMP Racing Russian Bears squad as the team took a double win in today’s Race 2 at Silverstone, in milder weather conditions. Daniel Zampieri and Roman Mavlanov took their second win of the season at the wheel of their Ferrari F458, beating yesterday’s winners Jody Fannin-Darren Turner (TF Sport aston Martin) and the SRT Corvette of Isaac Tutumlu and local hero Archie Hamilton.

SMP also won in the GTS class, with Joesé Manuel Pérez-Aicart and his occasional team mate, Andorran driver Joan Vinyes, preceding the Autorlando Porsche of Camathias-Beretta, first yesterday, and the Novadriver Audi of Campaniço-Patel.

Again, it wasn’t a good day for championship leaders Nicky Pastorelli-Miguel Ramos as the V8 Corvette was sent off track at first corner, but Montermini-Schirò could not make good use of the opportunity, finishing only sixth.

Perfect start from row 1 for Matteo Beretta, who pips poleman Patel, while there is rubbing in the middle of the group. The innocent victim is championship leader Nicky Pastorelli, who is thrown out of the track in turn 1 and hits the barriers. Soon after is Roda spinning at the back of the field.

Beretta leads ahead of Schirò and Leo, soon passed by Fannin, Barba and Zampieri, then Keilwitz and Patel. In lap 3, also Barba spins and ends off track, with Francesco Pastorelli also spinning at Woodcote one lap later.

Fannin passes Schirò in lap 5 to take second and starts chasing Beretta, passing him in lap 7 at Stowe. The Porsche is now chased by Schirò and Zampieri in full fight between them, with Leo closing the top quintet. Zampieri passes Schirò in lap 8 and takes P2 soon after from Beretta, who keeps fighting with Leo and Tutumlu.

End of lap 12, the Aston is the first one to stop for driver change, at a moment where it had Zampieri on its tail. During the pit stop, a drive through is imposed to the Corvette of Tutumlu-Hamilton for speeding in the pit lane.

After the driver changes, it’s Mavlanov leading with 12 seconds on Hamilton, then Turner, Aicart, Sdanewitsch, Camathias, Campaniço, Montermini and Soulet. In lap 23, Turner passes Hamilton for second, while Montermini is now 5th ahead of Camathias. The Aston has a 18-second gap on the leading Ferrari, which keeps everything under control and takes the win. The last thrill is, in the last lap, for Montermini, who locks wheels at a braking and goes off track at very high speed, luckily avoiding the barriers.