Pastorelli-Ramos lead Corvette 1-2-3


Race 2 today in Monza reversed the situation completely again, as Nicky Pastorelli-Miguel Ramos were the heroes of the day, clinching a superb win and retaking the lead in the points standings. The V8 pair led a 1-2-3 of the Corvettes, with team mates Snoek-Soulet finishing 2nd and the SRT car of Hamilton-Tutumlu 3rd. All the bad luck today was for the Villorba Ferrari of Montermini-Schirò, whose race was ruined by engine problems. Daniel Zampieri-Roman Mavlanov (SMP Ferrari), today 5th, keep second position in the standings, which see the three first within 4 points, ahead of the final round in Barcelona.

In GTS, José Manuel Pérez-Aicart-Vyacheslav Maleev (SMP Racing) won and keep title chances alive (9 points behind Roda), with Zlobin-Persiani (AF Corse) and Costantini-Gattuso (Ombra) completing the podium.

Poleman Pastorelli takes the lead at the start ahead of Tutumlu, Enge, Lyons, Snoeks, Roda, Aicart and Jacoma. While fights are intense and muscled at all stages, the leading Corvette loses almost immediately the front hood. After 5 laps, Mavlanov is 8th and Schirò 10th. On lap 10, the Italian has contact at La Roggia with Griffin, who spins. Schirò also passes Lyons.  

As the driver change window opens, the big fight is for third between Enge, Snoeks (who passes in lap 15) and Aicart.  Right before pit stops, Schirò has an evident drop of power and stops in the pits, where the car loses five laps.

After all changes, Ramos leads over team mate Soulet, with Maleev in third, ahead of Volker, Hamilton, Cordoni (who spins at Ascari), Zlobin, Costantini and Zampieri. With the four positions stable, the second part of the race sees Zlobin climbing to fifth, with Costantini and Zampieri also passing Volker. In lap 29, Hamilton takes third from Maleev, who keeps the advantage in GTS ahead of Zlobin and Constantini.