The GT Open renews its formula for 2015


The International GT Open is introducing a number of changes for 2015, which are designed at making the successful continental GT series even more attractive for teams and drivers as it embarks in its 10th season of existence.

“These adjustments have been crafted to take into account the wishes of our customers and the evolution of market conditions in GT racing”, explains Jesús Pareja, CEO of GT Sport, “Our fundamentals and the spirit remain unchanged: simple and stable rules, top venues and a premium TV package. The changes introduced are aimed at better redefining our product and further reducing costs, by providing a leaner and more effective package. We are convinced they go in the right direction and we all look forward to an exciting 2015 season.”

The announced measures, which were presented to the teams during the season-closing event at Barcelona last weekend, are the following:

The number of events is brought to seven instead of eight, with a stronger predominance of venues located in Central Europe.

The field will be composed of GT3 cars (or assimilated), which have become the core of GT racing around Europe.

A new class, the GTAm, is created, specifically for Gentlemen Drivers.

The different classes will be based on driver line-up status, according to the following split:

Super GT    Pro             Pairs of 2 Gold/Platinium

GTS           Pro-Am        Pairs of 1 Gold/Platinium + 1 Silver/Bronze

GTAm        Gentleman   Pairs of 2 Bronze 

While referring to the FIA list to determine the status of drivers, the Organizer will retain the faculty to evaluate Silver drivers either as Pro or Am, based on their record and performance in the GT Open and on the quality of the pairing.

Race format
Race 1 on Saturday will continue to be on a duration of 70 minutes, while Race 2 on Sunday will be of 50 or 60 minutes according to the track, the objective being to avoid refueling.

Free practice will always start on Friday afternoons, to shorten teams’ journeys.

Entry Benefits
A scheme to reward teams participating to all events is being designed and will be announced shortly. This will include an end-of-season prize for teams having effectively competed in all rounds, which will add to the discount for all-season entry.

A decision with regard to the tyre provider for 2015 will be announced shortly, as negotiations currently undertaken with different suppliers finalize.