Second test day at Ricard characterized by the rain


Rain, heavy at times, and even hail, together with strong winds: conditions changed drastically today at the Paul Ricard, disrupting the testing programme of the teams. The two morning sessions were still held in reasonable conditions, with 14 and 11 cars on track, respectively, and resulted useful, while the afternoon sessions were basically deserted, with 9 cars on track in session 7 and the sole AGS Lambo  SuperTrofeo of Collado-Gomar braving the conditions in the last session.

Victor Bouveng-Juan Cruz were fastest in session 5 (2.19.331) and Miguel Ramos-Mikkel Mac (Teo Martin BMW M6) in session 6, which saw rain intensifying in the second half. The track became were wet and treacherous, surprising a number of drivers. Maxime Jousse (AB Sport Lambo) hit in turn 7, with limited damage at the back.

Few minutes later, Francesco Sini was victim of a broken disc at the end of the straight, hitting the Armco violently, with heavy damage for the Solaris Aston Martin. Luckily, the Italian was unscathed. In the closing moments, it was Juan Cruz Alvarez losing the Teo Martin BMW in turn 7, and damaging seriously the front of the car. Most teams called it a day after those incidents.  

With official testing activity over, the wait is now for the season’s kick-off in Estoril on 28-30 April.