Broniszewski-Peter and Barba-Soulet win, still three to bid for GTS title


The Saturday race at Barcelona kept all its promises.  In a beautiful late summer afternoon, the Kessel Racing Ferrari F458 GT2 of Philipp Peter and Michal Broniszewski celebrated its return to the series with a superb win, ahead of the V8 Racing Corvette of Nicki Pastorelli-Miguel Ramos and the GPR Aston Martin of Maxime Soulet-Álvaro Barba, who took the win in GTS.

The GTS title battle is still open and the decisive race tomorrow still sees three contenders: Lorenzo Bontempelli (today 2nd with the Kessel Ferrari shared with Marco Frezza) is now 2 points ahead of Rafael Suzuki (today 3rd with his new outfit, the Novadriver Audi of César Campaniço), while the BhaiTech McLaren of Giorgio Pantano (now co-driven by Álvaro Parente) 8 points aback. The former leader today finished 10th after visiting the sand in the very first lap.

At the start, Montermini keeps the advantage of the pole ahead of an excellent Francesco Pastorelli, then Perera, Ramos, Peter, Sijthoff, Frezza, Ladygin, Vieira, Campaniço and Rosell. There is drama in the GTS battle since the very start, as Pantano is touched in the middle in the group, doing a wide off in the sand and losing many positions.

There is not much happening, except for Francesco Pastorelli losing five positions because of an off-track (lap 7) and Peter passing Ramos for third in lap 11, while Campaniço and Frezza exchange positions a couple of times in what is the leading point-giving position in GTS.

Pit stop and driver changes start in lap 15, with Montermini and Ramos coming in among the first ones.

Second part of the race is full of incidents, with Mavlanov and Longin getting in contact (the Corvette retires with a broken wheel), followed shortly after by Schirò, stuck in the sand after a slight push by Pastorelli, while also Collard retires.

Broniszewski is in the lead with 17 seconds over Maleev, followed by Bontempelli, Seyffarth (who breaks something few laps from the end), Suzuki, Salaquarda, Soulet, Lyons, Pastorelli, Mavlanov and Kox, who has spun after a contacted with Albuquerque, who was trying to unlap himself.

While Broniszewski has a 30” advantage and wins with no problems (but a rear suspension breaks just after crossing the line!), Pastorelli and Soulet take second and third after a strong charge, followed by Bontempelli, Suzuki and Mavlanov.  Alexander Talkanitsa sr and Vlacheslav Maleev took the laurels in the Gentlemen’s Trophy.