A Lambo Eurotech for Geri-Bontempelli


Eurotech Engineering, the new Italian team based near Venice and linked to Lamborghini, has confirmed it will enter another Gallardo GT3 in the 2014 International Open alongside the one for formulae stars Davide Valsecchi and Giovanni Venturini. It will be entrusted to GT Open regulars Ferdinando Geri and Lorenzo Bontempelli.

The two Italians are certainly well-known in the series, having been regular contenders almost since its beginning. Rome-born Geri (46) debuted in 2007, precisely with a Lambo before driving Ferraris and Porsches, and has claimed 2 GT wins, while Bontempelli (49), from Milan, so far closely linked to Ferrari and Kessel Racing, is the most successful driver in the GTS category, having collected 11 wins (of which 2 were also overall successes) and the 2011 title.